In short, we are extremely excited to share with everyone that Popsicle.Finance has partnered with Blockchain Research Lab.

What is Blockchain Research Lab?

Blockchain Research Lab (BRL) is a leading scientific research lab in the blockchain space, their aim is on the one hand to further the general understanding of blockchain technology as well as to research opportunities. Their background is extensive and their knowledge in the research of trading and gambling is what especially sparked the interest of the Popsicle Finance team.

Why the partnership?

Liquidity Providing is an extremely recent concept, one that has been highly unexplored and, in our eyes, is a completely new asset…

The Reasons for a Token

The Popsicle Token (ICE) has three main functions:

  1. Governance
  2. Utility
  3. Community alignment

Let’s walk through exactly what these three functions mean.

1) Governance

A token that allows holders to govern the network is the key to making that network decentralized. It is the means of decentralization.

Decentralization is not simply about distributing the decision-making power of a network, but about making sure those who possess the power also have a stake in the overall performance of the network. That’s why a governance token is a perfect synergy; the quantity of ICE a user holds correlates to the weight of that…

Hello again everyone!

What an incredible few weeks it has been for us and the whole Popsicle.Finance community. In a little over one month we have grown our Discord to over 8000 members, and now have well over US$100mn TVL across 3 blockchains.

Before we get started on today’s update — the whole team would like to first acknowledge everyone who has been with us for this journey so far and say thank you to the invaluable contributions of our community. Thank you all!

So…What comes next?

As those of you who spend time in our Discord know — over…

With our fantastic and fanatically hard working developer team just about ready to release Popsicle.Finance’s V1.0 (The Popsicle Stand), we wanted to take a moment to share our vision for the next steps from here and provide a quick sneak peek of what we have in store for Popsicle.Finance V2, which we call “Sorbetto”.

But First, let’s take a look at Popsicle.Finance V1.0.

The core of V1.0 is our multi-chain, yield farming platform, The Popsicle Stand. Multi-chain support enables to cover the needs of the modern liquidity provider.

The Popsicle Stand provides a single, easy to use platform…


Warning: Popsicle Finance is in alpha, and it is unaudited while we are in the process of scaling the team. Please understand the risks and use this product accordingly.

Hi there friends, and welcome to Popsicle Finance!

We’re a next generation yield enhancement platform powered by Sushiswap, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap (to start)!

Popsicle.Finance aims to be a fully decentralized platform managed by its users — the holders of the ICE governance token.

The ICE token will be used to vote on proposals for protocol updates, pool inclusions, fee management, and other key operational aspects of the protocol.

The Defi…


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