Some Stats:

  • TVL: $33M
  • Actively LPing: 14 Pools
  • Total Fees Earned: $1,164,789
  • Fees distributed to nICE stakers: $227,000
  • Total nICE being Staked: 8,495,499.69

The Plan:

How Will the Reimbursement Work?

Some Stats

  1. How the next few days/weeks will look like, and what will be focused on.
  2. How security processes and protocol launch plans will be approached.
  3. Lastly, of course, continually discussed how re-compensation should be dealt with.

Our plans for the next days, weeks


Popsicle Finance is a multichain yield optimization platform for Liquidity Providers. Turn on our auto-pilot, relax, and boost your yield.

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