The Introduction of WAGMI Token and its role

WAGMI Educational Articles: Part 2

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4 min readJul 21, 2023
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The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has seen significant advancements since the launch of the ICE token in 2021. One of our developments in this sphere is the introduction of the WAGMI token, a governance token designed to steer the protocol’s development, assets, and overall trajectory as well as grow in value over time as the protocol grows.

The WAGMI token is not just a digital asset; it is a tool for governance. It empowers its holders with the ability to influence the direction of the protocol. This democratic approach to decision-making is a cornerstone of the DeFi movement, ensuring that the protocol’s path is determined by those who use and benefit from it.


The tokenomics of the DeFi landscape have evolved significantly since the launch of the ICE token. To ensure that the necessary tools are in place for WAGMI to become one of the top exchanges in DeFi, a tokenomics revamp was deemed necessary. As part of this revamp, a fixed exchange ratio was established: 1 ICE is equivalent to 69 WAGMI. With an ICE supply of 69 million and a WAGMI supply of 4,761 million, this ratio will be maintained for three months following the inception of WAGMI.

During this three-month period, a migration from ICE to WAGMI will be operational, allowing users to exchange their ICE tokens for WAGMI at the fixed ratio. However, once this period ends, the swap feature will cease to function. It’s worth noting that the ICE liquidity is not owned by the protocol, and emissions for sustaining liquidity were discontinued a few months ago.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve deployed WAGMI on 9 networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom Opera, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, and Kava.

Our team has also developed a bridge UI for easy WAGMI swapping between these networks. However, a bridge between zkSync and Kava will be enabled at a later date.

The protocol will employ various methods to acquire POL to endure future cycles and maximize fee generation for all WAGMI token holders.

The Basics of the New Protocol

  1. GMI and WAGMI minting

Once GMI is minted, indicating that the protocol’s liquidity is secured, WAGMI is minted for the user.
However, the amount needed remains uncertain because a user can opt to leave early, thereby claiming only a part of his WAGMI.

2. The Team’s Stake and Alignment with Protocol Success

The team’s treasury, inclusive of all failsafes, gets a 20% cut of the equivalent entered into circulation. This ensures:

• A vested interest in the protocol’s success.
• The team’s inability to unduly influence token backing.

3. Differentiating Factors: Incentives and Pool Composition

In a saturated DeFi market, our protocol stands out in a few key ways:

• Unlike many DEXs that focus on fleeting incentives, we prioritize paying yield upfront and retaining value.
• The GMI pool is exclusive and finite, comprising only of WAGMI and blue chips, a strategy we anticipate others will soon mirror.

4. Market Dynamics and User Engagement

Price action, especially leading up to a launch, can be erratic. But once users interact with our frontend, the broader vision becomes clearer:

• The protocol will market-make blue chips on most chains, with liquidity that isn’t borrowed.
WAGMI holders stand to benefit the most, reminiscent of platforms like Uniswap where significant portions of fees are used for token buyback and burn.

5. Timeframes in Perspective: Months vs. Cycles

We are moving away from traditional timeframes. Instead of months, we think in cycles. The focus isn’t just on the present price action:

• Emphasis on sustainability, integrity, and the progressive decentralization of the protocol.
• WAGMI’s trajectory towards enhanced decentralization.


WAGMI token holders can use their tokens to vote on the Snapshot page, with the proportion of protocol voting rights determined by the number of tokens an individual holds. This mechanism ensures that the protocol’s direction is truly in the hands of its users.

Wagmi protocol fees

In addition to making a user fully part of a protocol, our project offers a range of services that generate fees. These fees are used to buy back WAGMI tokens from the open market and send them to a burn address, thereby applying never ending buying pressure on the token.

Picture 2: Strategies with leverage — source of fees

The sources of these fees include:

  • non-protocol owned concentrator contracts liquidity
  • leverage contracts
  • extra trading functionality
  • protocol-owned GMI token fees


In conclusion, the WAGMI token represents a significant step forward in the evolution of DeFi. By empowering its holders with governance rights and offering a range of fee-generating services, it is poised to play a crucial role in the future of decentralized finance.



Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)

The WAGMI protocol is a limited TVL decentralized exchange with advanced liquidity provision strategies, leverage and GMI mechanics.