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Warning: Popsicle Finance is in alpha, and it is unaudited while we are in the process of scaling the team. Please understand the risks and use this product accordingly.

Hi there friends, and welcome to Popsicle Finance!

We’re a next generation yield enhancement platform powered by Sushiswap, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap (to start)!

Popsicle.Finance aims to be a fully decentralized platform managed by its users — the holders of the ICE governance token.

The ICE token will be used to vote on proposals for protocol updates, pool inclusions, fee management, and other key operational aspects of the protocol.

The Defi ecosystem is exploding…

…but the world of yield farming platforms hasn’t kept pace.

Defi ecosystems are maturing and yield farming opportunities continue to expand across a number of chains (ETH/BSC/DOT etc) and a number of competing platforms on the same chain (Uniswap/Sushiswap).

Yet in most cases, yield farmers are forced to devote themselves to a single defi platform in order to be a liquidity provider and enjoy yield farming.

This situation results in

The Popsicle.Finance Solution

On Popsicle.Finance

For example;

For example;

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Popsicle Finance is a multichain yield optimization platform for Liquidity Providers. Turn on our auto-pilot, relax, and boost your yield.