Welcome to Popsicle.Finance

  • Limited decentralization
  • Lack of farming choice
  • Oligopoly formation
  • Startups choosing a particular provider
  • We’ve built a multi-chain yield enhancement platform which supports multiple defi platforms and a variety of different LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens.
  • Popsicle enables users to provide liquidity to their favorite projects on a variety of decentralized platforms, and farm using their various liquidity provision tokens in one place.
  • Simply put — Multi-chain support enables popsicle finance to cover the needs of the modern liquidity provider.
  • Users can stake and manage LP tokens from across a variety of platforms.
  • Users can stake Sushiswap LP tokens or Uniswap LP tokens, built on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Users can also stake Pancakeswap LP tokens, built on Binance Smart Chain
  • Users can receive any combination of tokens that the projects incentivizing the pool decide to use
  • Over time, we will continue to add further diversity and flexibility to the platforms offerings.
  • For Projects, Popsicle provides a new, more flexible platform for token distribution.
  • Popsicle.Finance’s streamlined application process makes it easy for projects to list new pools and distribute their tokens to their communities.
  • Projects now have the flexibility to incentivize their pools with whatever tokens they choose providing greater flexibility and room for collaboration
  • The Popsicle Stand is Popsicle.Finance’s primary yield amplification platform.
  • Here, users can stake LP tokens from a variety of different protocol pools to benefit from enhanced rewards.
  • Participating projects benefit from broader token distribution and greater incentive for early supporters to hold and provide liquidity to the platform.
  • The popsicle stand is also where users can stake the ICE tokens that they receive from the popsicle stand, to receive more ICE.
  • The ultimate goal for Popsicle.Finance is to become a decentralized self governing eco-system.
  • At launch — decision making will be centralized within the core Popsicle team, but as ICE emissions to the community increase, so will the progressive decentralization of the platform.
  • Prior to full decentralization, it’s still very important to us that our community knows that their voices are heard.
  • Our community members can participate in early governance via our discourse community page (Here)



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Popsicle Finance is a multichain yield optimization platform for Liquidity Providers. Turn on our auto-pilot, relax, and boost your yield.