Sorbetto Fragola is going Multichain!

Dear Isvikingers,

Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)
3 min readDec 22, 2021

There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about the launch of Uniswap V3 on Polygon PoS. Today, 22nd of December, we are ready for Polygon and for Uniswap V3 on Polygon.

We are therefore happy to announce to you that yes, Sorbetto Fragola is ready to launch there!

Fragola is ready!

For those users who are not familiar with Popsicle, Sorbetto Fragola is a Uniswap V3 Optimiser that automatically changes the range in which liquidity is provided in order to gain the maximum amount of fees for LPers, as well as make sure the best price is available for traders. You can read more about Fragola here.

Fragola is currently LPing only on Ethereum Mainnet, since Uniswap V3 is only deployed there as we all know gas costs are excessive for small and medium investors. This is changing, as this launch marks a whole new era for Popsicle LPers, everyone can now use our product without paying prohibitive amounts of gas fees!

Our Sorbetto Fragola contracts are ready on Polygon. Deposits are not open yet, as we need to wait for Uniswap V3 to fully launch and for the initial liquidity to be there already before Fragola can start LPing and rebalancing. We expect that it will not take long, but it will of course depend on when liquidity is added.

In the meantime, You can already have a look at the available pairs in our Polygon UI. Find a tutorial on how to add Polygon to Metamask here. Once your Metamask is set on the correct network, just access Popsicle UI you will be able to see all the new pools.

At launch, the available pairs will be:

  • USDC/USDT 0.05%
  • WETH/USDT 0.3%
  • WETH/USDC 0.3%
  • WMATIC/USDC 0.3%
  • WMATIC/USDT 0.3%
  • WMATIC/WETH 0.3%

All the protocol fees collected by these pools will be sent back to Ethereum Mainnet, and used in the weekly buybacks of nICE.

What now?

While we wait for deposits to open, our team is currently actively testing all the pools as well as researching what the optimal strategy for LPing on Polygon is.

Liquidity Incentives for $ICE on Polygon are also coming, and you can expect more info about it later (SoonTM). We can already tell you that Sushiswap LP tokens will be incentivized, so you can start providing liquidity to the WETH/ICE pair there and wait for the Popsicle Stand farms to open!

We are excited to join the Polygon Ecosystem, and work closely with all the teams that are building there. We are also confident that in the future, leveraged PLP, JIT and Sorbetto Limone will also arrive on this reliable L2 scaling solution.

Providing deep liquidity across all the different chains has always been Popsicle’s ultimate goal, and this marks the first step towards that. We are more excited than ever, Isvikingers, Stay tuned!

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us on our Discord!



Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)

The WAGMI protocol is a limited TVL decentralized exchange with advanced liquidity provision strategies, leverage and GMI mechanics.