Popsicle Update on the Ukrainian Situation

Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Dear Isvikingers,

This medium is one that we would have never liked to push, but given the fast paced evolutions of the war in Eastern Europe, we feel the need to update you all on how the dire Ukrainian situation is affecting our day to day operations as well as our team.

As most of you know, a large part of the Popsicle Finance development team is based in Ukraine, and have been deeply affected by the war happening in the region. We haven’t communicated anything until now as it was our priority to make sure that they are safe.

We are now glad to let you know that all the core members are safe and far away from the areas where hostilities are currently ongoing. They all have the required food and shelter.

We would like to thank all the Isvikingers that have reached out on our Discord to show their support to our Ukrainian colleagues in this moment of need . We deeply thank you for that.

We hope that the worst has already passed for the people of Ukraine. We stand with them as well as with the Russian citizens who do not feel represented by the actions of their nation.

Many users also asked how they can help.

Firstly, please consider donating to the official addresses posted by the Ukrainian government. They have been fact checked by multiple sources and are legit. They are currently accepting USDT, ETH and BTC. You can find them here.

Secondly, the team is internally discussing how we can help further. If you have any ideas on how Popsicle Finance can further contribute to the humanitarian effort and the people of Ukraine, please post them on our forum here.

As you can imagine given the fluid nature of the conflict, we are not fully sure on how this war has affected the development of our products.
We hope that the delay will not be significant, but the physical safety and mental health of our developers is our top priority right now.

Once the situation is more stable, we will update more. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.



Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)

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