Popsicle.Finance x Blockchain Research Lab

What is Blockchain Research Lab?

Blockchain Research Lab (BRL) is a leading scientific research lab in the blockchain space, their aim is on the one hand to further the general understanding of blockchain technology as well as to research opportunities. Their background is extensive and their knowledge in the research of trading and gambling is what especially sparked the interest of the Popsicle Finance team.

Why the partnership?

Liquidity Providing is an extremely recent concept, one that has been highly unexplored and, in our eyes, is a completely new asset class. BRL will be focusing their research on how to optimize LP positioning, create strategies around LPing, and of course look at cross-chain LPing.
The Popsicle.Finance team has extensive knowledge and experience in using Decentralized Finance from a user experience perspective, we understand the difficulties. Yet a more scientific approach and understanding is and will be, beneficial to the effectiveness of our platform and the entire ecosystem as a whole.



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