Popsicle Finance - Wen Relaunch?

As we said, we would communicate with you on the day of our Popsicle Event in Lisbon about the relaunch, in other words, today!

It’s difficult for us to say this in any other way but. We are so damn fucking excited.

Popsicle Finance Sorbetto Fragola, the Uniswap V3 Optimizer is finally relaunching within just a few days!

After the Popsicle Finance hack happened, we went from gear 5 to gear 6. We became so much more hungry to be successful. Our work focus was on the one hand looking more at the broader macro picture, to really become the decentralized market maker of DeFi- making markets more efficient, while at the same time creating high yields for users of this new asset class, liquidity providing.

Within the first week of the hack, we were in contact with about 10 different auditors, many of them did not have time available until 2022. This was of course not an option for us. We are so grateful to the great team over at Quantstamp who were incredibly supportive, they assured us they were there for us. They immediately got to work, communication was impeccable.

You can find their Audit report here.

We also worked very closely with Certora, who have helped us write several tests. They have pretty much completed the audit now, we are just waiting on the last, GO! As soon as this Audit Report is fully published we will make sure to share it.

Firstly, a newly redefined user experience. We collected feedback from various users and decided to launch a new “LITE” version, for a simpler UX, while the old version is now considered our “PRO” version.

Lite Version

Lite Version: The lite version is a step by step experience, where you click your way through from choosing the pool, to choosing which assets you would like to deposit. Oh, and we also added the functionality of zapping, so you will no longer need to have your assets ready beforehand, but you can Zap into the LP pools with whatever asset you like!

Pro Version

Pro Version: The pro version, is the same version as we had previously, user experience wise, it provides a bunch of data for you the user to fully understand what is really going on with your funds.

Whichever version you choose to use, we are launching on both Arbitrum and Ethereum mainnet, the following pools are going to be available:

ETH/GMX 0.3% (TVM Limits)

ETH/SPELL 0.3% (TVM Limits)

MIM/ETH 0.3%

ETH/USDT 0.3% & 0.05%

Eth/WBTC 0.3%

Eth/USDC 0.3% & 0.05%

ICE/ETH 0.3% (TVM Limits)

USDC/ETH 0.3% & 0.05%


USDT/ETH 0.3% & 0.05%


FTM/ETH 0.3%

SPELL/ETH 0.3% (TVM Limits)

ICE/ETH 0.3% (TVM Limits)

All pools listed except for the (TVM Limits) ones are going to be fully open with no monetary limits. The (TVM Limits) pools have a “Total Value Managed” limit, this is so that we can efficiently LP, and re-range. You will see this on the UI.

Leveraged LPing is going to be available shortly after the relaunch occurs (turning Twitter notifications on, may be a smart idea), this is going to be the first-ever leveraged liquidity providing, we can’t wait to show you how this works and what it entails, we will have a dedicated medium post for this, so stay tuned for that.

Besides all of this, there is one main difference between V1 and V2, which is that in V2 all the fees are auto compounding, meaning you no longer need to withdraw fees and redeposit. This also means that gains will be shown in the form of your Popsicle Liquidity Provider (PLP) tokens increasing in value.

Strategy wise we are still using the same stochastic volatility strategy we used previously.

In short, you know that we would rather say “SOON™️” than give an exact time. This time actually is different, we are going to be launching within a week! In other words, the launch will be in stealth - could be in 1 day or in a few more, all that needs to be said is turn on your Twitter notifications!

So get your funds ready, LPing is about to get juicy.

We look forward to seeing everyone who could make it to the Lisbon event, for anyone that could not make it, we are sure we will meet each other someplace else!

Besides all of this, we really can’t wait to hear your feedback and see everyone, all the Isvikingers, and all frogs use Popsicle Sorbetto Fragola.

If you haven’t already, join our Discord community here!



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