Exciting Developments: Introducing Our New Path

Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)
3 min readApr 13, 2023


Launching Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching our initial Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker. Although this is just a small part of what we’re building, it marks a significant milestone in our journey.

Popsicle Family’s Role in Our New Path

Rest assured, the Popsicle family will play an important role in our new direction. We’re currently in a transition phase, focusing on rebranding over the next month. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean Popsicle is over. Instead, think of it as an evolved version with a new identity.

Embracing the Future with ZK Rollups

We strongly believe that ZK rollups are the future, and zkSync — a Layer 2 scaling solution — offers cheaper and faster transactions than the main Ethereum blockchain (Layer 1). Layer 2 solutions move most activity away from Layer 1 while still inheriting its security and finality.

WAGMI: Building a CEX on Chain while leveraging DEFI experience

With WAGMI, we aim to add more functionality to our decentralized exchange (DEX) to resemble the centralized exchange (CEX) experience but with a DeFi taste. In essence, we’re building a CEX on chain.

Big News for Popsicle ($ICE) Holders: A New Token is Coming

For Popsicle $ICE holders, we have some exciting news: a new token is coming. This new token will not be an addition to $ICE, but rather an improved version of it. More details about tokenomics will be revealed soon, but we can already announce that there will be a swap from $ICE to the new token (name still a secret for security reasons) in a fixed ratio. For example, $ICE holders will be able to swap using our one-way bridge into the new token at a fixed rate (e.g., 1 $ICE for 1000 new token), and there will be no way to get $ICE back.

Important Note: There will be no initial emissions, so you don’t have to worry about further dilution. Our focus is on increasing the value of our new token without decreasing it through dilution. Our tokenomics will be very healthy.

WAGMI Launch and POL

Upon launch, users will be able to get new token. The protocol will focus on obtaining protocol-owned liquidity (POL) as we build a long-lasting project into the coming bull market.

New DeFi Suite: Integrating Big Infrastructure

We’re integrating other big infrastructure we’ve been working on into our new DeFi suite. You can expect:

  • Multiple LP strategies
  • Leverage
  • Token farming

Our Advantages Over other CLAMMS

Other CLAMMS dont’t take fees for the protocol, so they will ultimately have to. In contrast, we’ll be earning fees from strategies, leverage, limit orders, and more. This approach will make us sustainable, building our treasury and positioning ourselves for the next bear market. With our past experience, we’re looking far into the future.

So don’t hesitate, head over to https://wagmi.com/ and check out what we have been building in the past months.


Please be aware that $ICE is the only token representing Popsicle/Wagmi, and it is not available on zkSync. You can find the $ICE token on Ethereum mainnet, Fantom, BSC, Avax, Arbitrum and Polygon networks.

Official contract addresses for $ICE on each chain are:

· Ethereum mainnet: 0xf16e81dce15b08f326220742020379b855b87df9

· BSC: 0xf16e81dce15b08f326220742020379b855b87df9

· Fantom: 0xf16e81dce15b08f326220742020379b855b87df9

· Polygon: 0x4e1581f01046eFDd7a1a2CDB0F82cdd7F71F2E59

· Arbitrum: 0xCB58418Aa51Ba525aEF0FE474109C0354d844b7c

· Avax: 0xe0Ce60AF0850bF54072635e66E79Df17082A1109

Remember to stay alert and be careful to avoid scams.



Popsicle.Finance (WAGMI)

The WAGMI protocol is a limited TVL decentralized exchange with advanced liquidity provision strategies, leverage and GMI mechanics.